Maintenance Agreement

In today’s fast paced society, people simply don’t have the time and/or knowledge to perform maintenance on their equipment. That’s why Dzyuba, is here to help. As a convenience to you we are offering to perform maintenance for your system(s) which we believe is indispensable and could save thousands of dollars in repairs and premature system replacement.
· Improved Efficiency (Lower utility bills) · Extended Equipment Life · Reduced Diagnostic Fees · Improved Capacity, Safety, Comfort and Reliability · Maintained & validated manufacturer warranties · Reduced risk of costly breakdowns · 15% discount on repair service (excludes Diagnostic Fee) · A diagnostic fee of $55 ($14 savings) · Priority Customer Status · Inflation Protection · No Overtime charge (except Holidays) · Agreement is Transferable
At Dzyuba, we do a thorough maintenance of heating and cooling systems. The following is a complete list of our maintenance service for your HVAC equipment.
Cooling Equipment Checklist: Dzyuba will inspect, calibrate and maintain the following: 1″ filter, temperature drop, condenser coil (cleaning will be done at a discounted rate), air flow, electrical connections, amp and volt draw on motors, refrigerant charge, condensate drain, capacitors, refrigerant leaks, contactor, compressor, disconnect power box, power breaker, evaporator coil (when accessible), test cycle (for proper operation) and wax air conditioner cabinet.
Heating Equipment Checklist: Dzyuba will inspect, calibrate and maintain the following: 1″ filter, heat exchanger, temperature rise, fan control, furnace safety controls, gas line safety, gas valve operation, ignition system, electrical connections, gas pressure, back up heat elements, sequencer operation, volt and amp draw on motors, circuit breakers, reversing valve operation, defrost control, test cycle (for proper operation) and wax furnace cabinet.