Gas Services

Gas Lamps

Gas light is used for illuminating your indoor or outdoor space with a warm glow that invites intimacy and comfort. Whether encased in a reflective wind guard or open to the night air, the warm flames of natural gas lighting create environments meant to be celebrated. Gas lamps, torches, and sconces can be mounted by ceiling, wall, or by standing alone in your yard or patio space. Both electronic and manual ignition can bring a wide array of appeal to your home.
Let Dzyuba help you light up your life with elegance and sophistication, and see the difference natural gas powered lighting will make in your home.
Gas Lamps Add Reliability, Function and Elegance to homes or businesses:

Maximum eye appeal both day or night.

Increase safety and security.

Natural glow of light even during power outages.

Adds distinct style complimenting any landscape or architecture.

Yellow spectrum of light does not attract insects.

Gas Lines

At Dzyuba, we can get your home connected to natural gas and extend your natural gas piping. We will take care of getting all required permits and even arrange the installation of a gas line with the gas company if gas is available but not currently connected to your home.

Gas Logs

Gas fireplace logs are becoming rather popular. As a result of convenience and cleanliness, they have convinced many wood burners to retire the chainsaw and log splitter. Gas logs may be fueled by either natural or propane gas. There are two basic types of gas logs currently on the market. The two types are the “vented” and the “vent-free.”Dzyuba installs both types and we will discuss each option with you so you are equipped to make the right decision for your situation.